PhD Programs

The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) PhD Program is a specialized study in the science, engineering, and technology of modern materials, integrating courses in Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, and the Dental School.  Through coursework, collaborative training projects, and dissertation research, students will learn to apply analytic and computational methods and information technologies to current problems in advanced materials in biotechnology, nanotechnology, electronic and photonic devices, energy processing, and other scientific endeavors.  Students will receive instruction in communications and ethics as appropriate to the social impact and implications of materials science and engineering.

The curriculum is designed to provide interdisciplinary training that combines advanced computational methods with the latest techniques in materials processing and engineering.  The graduate curriculum entails individual courses with closely coordinated labs.  Research areas are numerous and include materials for clean energy conversion and processing, solid-state lighting, photonics and fiber optics, modeling and characterization of biomaterials and soft tissues, nanoscale materials, materials for MEMS and bioMEMS applications, and many other sub-fields of materials research.  Students in the program have access to state-of-the-art computational and experimental facilities.

How to Apply

Admission information, including an on-line application, can be found on the College of Engineering Graduate Programs website.