Graduate Student Financial Responsibilities

Program Fee/SAGE Fee
$20/each Fall & Spring Semester
This fee is a mandatory charge billed to ENG graduate students. Proceeds from this fee are allocated to the College of Engineering Student Association of Graduate Engineers (SAGE).

Graduate Student Services Fee
$145/each Fall & Spring Semester
This fee is a mandatory charge billed to graduate students. Proceeds from this fee are allocated proportionally to support student service operations and technology resources across campus including, but not limited to, services at the George Sherman Union, East Campus Student Service Center and other such student support spaces as well as campus network services.

Sports Pass
$99/year (may be waived on StudentLink prior to Fall semester)
The Sports Pass will automatically be charged to your student account if you are a full-time Charles River Campus student. The Sports Pass will allow you admission to 18 home men’s ice hockey and 18 home women’s ice hockey games as well as 11 home men’s basketball and 11 home women’s basketball games (a $350 value). Sports pass holders can pick up their tickets before they become available to the general public as well as receive advance notice and ticket offers for games, concerts and other events in Boston University’s Agganis Arena. You may deduct the Sports Pass charge from the balance you remit if you list the cancellation on your invoice stub.

Health Services Fee
$160/each Fall & Spring Semester
This is a mandatory fee charged to all Full-Time and Certified Full-Time main-campus graduate students, including funded students, on a per semester basis to defray the costs of services at the Student Health Clinic located on campus.

Health Insurance Basic Plan
$2.141/year, Plus Plan: $2,910/year, may be waived if you have outside insurance. 
The Medical Insurance Waver deadline is Monday, September 30.
Refer to the Health Insurance website for further information (link above).
Medical Insurance is required for all full-time, three-quarter-time and international students. These students are automatically enrolled and their BU accounts charged for the Basic Student Medical Insurance Plan. 2011/2012 Plan information is available at You may waive this plan on your StudentLink account if you are covered by another health insurance plan. Health Insurance will be paid for by the University for all Graduate Teaching Fellows, Dean’s Fellowship Students and Research Assistants. However, the full amount will be charged at Fall Semester to your student account. Your account will be credited half of the cost in the Fall and half in the Spring.

Part Time Student Services Fee
$60/semester.  This is a mandatory fee for all part-time students (under 12 credits).