December 7, Ivan Aprahamian, Dartmouth College

in Fall 2012, MSE
May 25th, 2012


ivan3:00 PM in Room 210, 8 St. Mary’s Street

Refreshments served at 2:45 PM

Hydrazone-Based Switches, Fluorophores, and Sensors


Abstract: Can structurally simple molecular switches perform complicated functions? This question is imperative to the field of molecular switches and machines because the multistep synthesis used in the current state-of-the-art systems is a bottleneck that impedes fast progress. To address this problem we have been developing for the past few years simple, modular and tunable hydrazone-based rotary switches that can be easily incorporated into adaptive materials. The presentation will deal with our recent advances with these switches, and efforts to convert the versatile hydrazone systems into solid-state and/or water soluble fluorophores that can be used in sensing applications.

Biography: Ivan Aprahamian received all his degrees (BSc-1998, MSc-2000, and PhD-2005) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. His doctoral research was conducted under the supervision of Professors Mordecai Rabinovitz and Tuvia Sheradsky. After finishing his postdoctoral studies with Professor Sir J Fraser Stoddart at the University of California, Los Angeles, he joined the Department of Chemistry at Dartmouth College as an Assistant Professor (2008). His research group focuses on using structurally simple, modular, and tunable hydrazone-based building blocks in the development of adaptive functional materials, namely switches, machines, fluorphores, and sensors.

Faculty Host: Ramesh Jasti

Student Host: Liz Hirst