Miriam Angrist

Lecturer in Hebrew
Head of Hebrew Language Program
STH 605
BA, Hebrew University (Israel)

MA, Rutgers University (N.J, USA)
Post Graduate Studies, Melton Center for Jewish Education, Hebrew University (Israel)

Spring 2014 Office hours: Tue, W 2:00-3:00, F 1:00-2:00

Ms. Angrist has been a lecturer of Hebrew at Boston University since 2008. She has taught all proficiency levels as well as revised and created new courses. Her recent new courses for advanced students include:LH330 “Israeli Popular Music” and LH340 “Israeli society through Israeli media”. In all her classes Ms. Angrist integrates authentic Israeli and Jewish cultural material and uses advanced technologies to stimulate classroom learning. In addition to her work at Boston University, Ms Angrist is the Hebrew Director of a middle/high supplementary school of the Hebrew college in Newton and has been the URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) Hebrew consultant for many years. Her professional record also includes: writing Hebrew curricula for middle school and high school students, training Hebrew teachers, conducting webinars and presenting at national conferences.

Ms Angrist, a native Israeli born is also a mosaics artist and enjoys biking and traveling.

Mira Angrist’s CV