MLCL was created in Spring 2007 as one of two successor departments (along with Romance Studies) to the former Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures. Students in MLCL pursue the study of eleven world languages, literatures and cultures and of Comparative Literature (the study of literature across linguistic boundaries). MLCL is unique in BU’s College of Arts and Sciences in that its teaching and advising are oriented entirely to undergraduates (although graduate students from other programs are always welcome in our classes). Our courses enroll about 2500 students per year. Students major in Chinese, Comparative Literature, German, Japanese, and Russian (many students pursue double majors) and minor in Chinese, Comparative Literature, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Every declared major and minor student in MLCL is assigned to an academic advisor; all faculty whose official title includes the word “Professor” may act as advisors. If you wish to change your advisor, please contact department staff.

MLCL presents awards at Commencement to the outstanding graduating senior and the outstanding junior concentrator in each language, and one MLCL senior each year may be recommended for the College Prize.

See the “Academics” section on this website for a list of awards our students have won.