Persian (Farsi)

First-Semester Modern Persian (Farsi)

CAS LZ 111 (4 credits)

For beginners. Introduction to spoken and written Persian and to fundamentals of Persian grammar, with oral drills and written exercises.

2014FALLCASLZ111 A1, Sep 2nd to Dec 9th 2014
Days Start End Type Bldg Room
TR 02:00:00 PM 04:00:00 PM STH ARR

Third-Semester Modern Persian (Farsi)

CAS LZ 211 (4 credits)

Development of communication skills acquired in the first year (CAS LZ 111 and 112).

2014FALLCASLZ211 A1, Sep 3rd to Dec 10th 2014
Days Start End Type Bldg Room
MW 01:00:00 PM 03:00:00 PM PSY B36

Persian (Farsi) Epic and Romance (in English translation)

CAS LZ 380 (4 credits)

Introduction to classical Persian narrative literature. Topic for Fall 2014: Literature in Iran and Afghanistan. Readings are premodern and modern texts, as well as film viewings, with the aim of understanding how the two nations have received a shared literary heritage. What modern cultural concerns are reflected in the different views of the Persian past? Also offered as CAS XL 470 A1. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.

2014FALLCASLZ380 A1, Sep 8th to Dec 8th 2014
Days Start End Type Bldg Room
M 02:00:00 PM 05:00:00 PM STH 318

Directed Study: Persian (Farsi)

CAS LZ 491 (Var credits)

Application form available in department.

2014FALLCASLZ491 A1, Sep 2nd to Dec 10th 2014
Days Start End Type Bldg Room