Fourth Year Modern Chinese 2

CAS LC 412 (4 credits)

Advanced-level readings in modern Chinese. Discussion in Chinese of literary materials in various forms and styles. Special attention to works written between 1919 and 1949. Regular compositions required.

Topics in Chinese through Media

CAS LC 420 (4 credits)

Introduction to Chinese-language media from various countries and critical analysis of differences in reporting on current events. Topics may include economic, political, legal, socio-cultural issues, and various media. Conducted in Chinese. May be repeated for credit as topic changes. Topic for Fall 2014: Business News in Multiple Chinese Media.

Topics in Chinese Language & Culture (in Chinese)

CAS LC 421 (4 credits)

Topic TBA

Mass Media and Social Change in Modern China

CAS LC 440 (4 credits)

The Chinese press, radio, and television from their late nineteenth-century beginnings to the present as major forces shaping public opinion and mass culture. Focus on the cultural, economic, and political implications of the media, including entertainment and advertising.

The Chinese Novel

CAS LC 450 (4 credits)

In-depth study of Chinese fiction from the classical tradition to modern times. Readings from significant works, illuminating issues in Chinese history and culture: Dream of the Red Chamber, Three Kingdoms, Outlaws of the Marsh, and modern classics.

Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture

CAS LC 470 (4 credits)

Two topics are offered Fall 2015. Students may take one or two for credit. Section A1: Visual Politics: Propaganda Art, Literature, and "Model Films" during the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). A study of "model films," poster art, and literature during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. A critical approach to the larger cultural and political context of socialist art and literature as well as its legacy in China today. Also offered as CAS CI 490 A1. Section B1: The Story of the Stone. A masterpiece of world literature depicts the interworkings of love, tragedy, honor, and drama within a Buddho-Daoist cosmos set in the everyday life of Chinese Confucianism. This course emphasizes the religious traditions of Chinese culture. Also offered as CAS RN 526 A1 and CAS XL 470 B1.

Workshop on Translating and Interpreting Chinese

CAS LC 486 (4 credits)

Enhances students' knowledge of Chinese by developing practical skills in translating and interpreting. Students practice translating a variety of text types, using various dictionaries and internet sources, and interpreting in different situations.

Directed Study: Chinese

CAS LC 491 (Var credits)

Application form available in department.

Directed Study: Chinese

CAS LC 492 (Var credits)

Application form available in department.

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