Muir, William (1819-1905)

British colonial administrator in India, Islamic scholar, and advocate of Christian mission

Born in Scotland, Muir and elder brother, John (1810-1882), both served with the Indian Civil Service and were introduced to Oriental languages as part of their training. While John specialized in Sanskrit and Hinduism, William concentrated on Arabic and Islamic studies. Both put their learning to advantage as educators and supporters of Christian mission in India. William Muir’s postings included intelligence in Agra Allahabad, and the governorship of the Northwestern Provinces (1868-1874). During his years in India he befriended the CMS missionary Karl Pfander (1803-1865), who encouraged him to undertake his first major piece of academic writing, The Life of Mahomet (4 vols., 1858-1865). On retirement from political service, both Muirs returned to Edinburgh, where they continued their commitment to Oriental studies and comparative religion in the university. As Edinburgh University (1857), educational development in principal, William Muir produced further works on the Qur’an and Islamic history and wrote several studies of Christian-Muslim encounter that reflect his sympathy with the controversialist apologetic of Pfander and others.

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