Judson, Emily [Chubbock] (1817-1854)

Third wife of Adoniram Judson

Emily-JudsonEmily Chubbock grew up amid poverty in central New York. With courage she acquired an education and became a teacher in the Utica Female Seminary and eventually a well-known literary figure, writing novels and magazine feature articles under the pen name “Fanny Forester.” When Adoniram Judson returned to the United States in 1845, he was eager to find an able writer to do a biography of his second wife, Sarah. Recognizing Chubbock’s outstanding writing ability, he met with her. Very quickly she became his wife and in 1846 they sailed together for Burma (Myanmar). She had a great zest for life, a rich sense of humor, a vivid writing style, and a total love for Judson and the mission in Burma. She brought a lightness of touch and great gaiety to his life after many years of hardship and struggle. After the death of both Adoniram and a newborn son in 1850, she returned to the United States in 1851, where she assembled materials for Francis Wayland’s famous biography of her husband, wrote three more books of her own, and cared for her daughter and five stepchildren. She died of tuberculosis.

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