Standards of Conduct

The Standards of Conduct outlined below are for students enrolled in a Boston University degree program on a military base.

The University considers plagiarism (the use of other people’s words or ideas without proper documentation) and other forms of cheating to be serious offenses and endorses serious penalties when they occur.

Academic Conduct

The Metropolitan College Academic Conduct Review Board is charged with conducting inquiries and formal hearings relating to matters of academic conduct in accordance with procedures specified by the Metropolitan College Code of Academic Conduct. Copies of the Code of Academic Conduct with information on rules, penalties, recourse, and procedures can be obtained from the Dean of Academic Affairs. Policies and procedures concerning matters of academic conduct may vary within the different Schools and Colleges of Boston University. Students enrolled through Metropolitan College for a course in another School or College of Boston University are subject to the policies and procedures established by that School or College.Back to top


Students must attend class regularly in order to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Students may not miss more than two of the scheduled weekend classes, which are equivalent to four class meetings.

Personal Conduct

The University does not condone any behavior that is unlawful under federal, state, or local laws or that is injurious to another person or to property on the premises of the University. Students whose behavior is found unacceptable under the conditions stated will be subject to the University’s judicial process. A copy of the rules, regulations, penalties, recourse, and procedures can be obtained in the Office of the Dean.