Academic Procedures

The following academic procedures are applicable to all students enrolled in Boston University’s degree programs on military bases.

Students are expected to make every effort to resolve academic problems in a course with the instructor. When agreement cannot be reached, the student may appeal first to the academic coordinator of the program and next to the dean of the College on the Boston campus. If necessary, the student may then appeal the decision to the dean of students, and from there to the provost.

A record of all formal grievances is kept in the Office of the Dean of Students, East Tower of the George Sherman Union, 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215. Copies of all written statements, letters, etc., relating to a grievance should be sent to that office.

All requests for independent or directed study and other academic petitions must be made in writing to the program director. Requests are then sent to the appropriate academic committee for review.

Students may audit classes to acquire knowledge, but not to earn credits or grades. Audited courses do not count toward completion of degree requirements. Auditors must attend classes regularly, do assigned reading, and participate in discussions, but they are excused from examinations. Auditors are admitted to a course on a space-available basis and must have the approval of the professor. Auditors are subject to the tuition and fees of the course for which they register.

Name changes must be submitted on an ID name change form. Names cannot be changed on records without notarized proof. Students are responsible for maintaining a current address on file and should submit a personal data update to Boston University whenever changes occur. For forms and procedures, contact the local field office or contact the Office of the Registrar.

Students in either the Master of Science in Business Administration program or the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems program may credit two courses (eight credit hours) from one of the degree programs toward a second degree, thereby reducing their work on the second degree program by two courses. This applies only to Boston University master’s degree programs of at least ten courses. A second application form, along with the application fee, must be submitted. Consult with the director of the programs for the specific course requirements for the second degree.

An application for graduation must be submitted at least four months before the intended graduation date. Degrees are conferred three times each year: May, September, and January. The proper forms may be obtained from and should be returned to the local Boston University offices. All graduates may attend May commencement held in Boston each year and/or the commencement ceremonies held on the local military bases in the spring of each year.

Students must complete the official Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form before taking a leave of absence. Students should be aware that they will be reevaluated for degree requirements upon their return. Students may be required to fulfill any new changes in the requirements that occurred up to the point of their return to degree status.

Registration dates are posted at the education centers where Boston University programs are offered. Registration must be completed within the official registration period.

Official Registration
All students are expected to register during the normal registration period each semester. All students must be registered before the end of the second class session each semester.

Students applying for loans or who are recipients of financial assistance will have their applications or awards terminated if they are not registered by the official registration deadline. An officially registered student is one who has submitted course selections on a registration form, paid all charges (current and past), and been approved by the University comptroller.

Late Registration
In special instances, students may petition the dean of Metropolitan College to have their registrations accepted after the announced registration deadline. Students who wish a waiver of the official registration deadline must petition the University in addition to their petition to the dean of Metropolitan College. If the petition for waiver is approved by the University, the student is subject to a minimum late payment fee of $100 for part-time students and $200 for full-time students. Petition forms are available at the Boston University offices.

A student who has not been admitted to a Boston University degree program at the time of registration may apply for special student status.

To apply, students need only submit an official undergraduate transcript indicating completion of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Special student status permits registration for no more than one semester as a non-degree student. Those students who are granted special student status are not automatically accepted to a degree program. However, if accepted, completed courses may be applied to that program. The student is expected to meet the normal academic qualifications.

If, under extenuating circumstances, a student requires additional time to complete the application packet, the student may request approval from the director of the program to enroll in a second semester. However, under no circumstances will a student be allowed to take a fifth course as a special student.

Master’s degree students may request permission to transfer a maximum of two graduate-level semester courses completed at other regionally accredited institutions within six years of the expected date of degree completion. Transfer courses must have a grade of B (3.0) or higher, may not have been used toward the completion of another degree, and require the approval of the Graduate Committee. In transferring courses for credit, careful matching of course content and number of contact hours is required to ensure that the subject requirements for the M.S. degree program are satisfied.

Applications for credit transfer must be submitted to the director and must include an official copy of the transcript, catalog description, and course syllabus.

Department of Veterans Affairs regulations require that all previous graduate coursework be evaluated for possible transfer to Boston University. At the time of initial registration, all VA students must apply in writing for evaluation of such coursework. Official transcripts, course descriptions, and course syllabi must accompany each request.

Transfer to the Boston Campus
Degree candidates who wish to complete their programs on the Boston campus must inform the program director and confirm their intention in writing. Notification should be made at least one full semester before the proposed date of transfer. This will assure time for the transfer of records to the Boston campus.

Requests for official transcripts must be made in writing, either by letter or by completing a Transcript Request form available online at or at the Office of the University Registrar. Please include the following information: full name, including any former names; signature; Boston University ID number or Social Security number; Schools attended and dates; degrees awarded; and complete address of transcript destinations.

The transcript fee is $5 per copy, and payment must accompany the request. Processing time for transcript requests received by mail is three to five business days. The Registrar’s Office does not accept faxed transcript requests. Transcripts can be sent by DHL for an additional $11 per destination to locations within the continental United States. For other destinations, please contact the Transcript Department for the cost. Unofficial transcripts can be obtained in person at the Registrar’s Office during regular business hours. There is no charge for unofficial transcripts.

A valid photo ID is required to obtain unofficial and official transcripts if the request is done in person at the Registrar’s Office. Please note that the Registrar’s Office does not mail unofficial transcripts. For further information, contact the Transcript Office at 617-353-3616.