Intellectual History Newsletter

Volume 22 (2000)
Casey Nelson Blake and Howard Brick, editors


Indian Knowledge Systems on the Eve of Colonialism, Sheldon Pollock

Envisioning Japan in Eighteenth-Century Europe:  The International Career of a Cartographic Image, Marcia Yonemoto

Music and Modernity, Tourism and Transgression:  Harlem and Montmartre in the Jazz Age, Tyler Stovall

The ‘Third Generation’ of the Frankfurt School, Joel Anderson


Leaky Boats, Robert Westbrook

Isaiah Berlin: Transatlantic Liberal, Richard H. King

Antiracial Racialism:  James, Du Bois, and the Black Intellectual, Gerald Early

In Memoriam

The Last Southern Historian: C. Vann Woodward, Richard H. King

H. Stuart Hughes, Paul Robinson


Towards a Cosmopolitan History of American Thought, David Engerman

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