Intellectual History Newsletter

Volume 18 (1996)
Casey Nelson Blake, editor


Symposium on intellectual history in the age of cultural studies with contributions from:

Joyce Appleby, Charles Capper, Mary Kupiec Cayton, Deborah Coon, George Cotkin, Paul Jerome Croce, Carolyn Dean, Richard Wightman Fox, David A. Hollinger, Martin Jay, Donald R. Kelley, Mary Kelley, Bruce Kuklick, Dominick LaCapra, Alan Lawson, Jackson Lears, James Livingston, Henry F. May, Wilfred McClay, Michael Meranze, Robert Orsi, Theodore M. Porter, Ross Posnock, Daniel T. Rodgers, Andrew Ross, Dorothy Ross, Michael S. Roth, Joan Shelley Rubin, Nikhil Pal Singh, John E. Toews, and Richard Wolin.

A Tribute: Merle Curti, Pragmatist Historian. John Pettegrew

Conference Report

History and the Limits of Interpretation. Elizabeth Hedstrom


Neo-classic Bricolage. Paul Jerome Croce

From the Aesthetics of Ugly to the Politics of Intersubjectivity. Phillip Ethington

Course Syllabi

Culture Wars and American Democracy. Charles Capper and Robert Ferguson

Reading and Writing the City. Harvey J. Graff

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