Intellectual History Newsletter

Volume 13 (1991)
Richard Wightman Fox, editor


Canons and Their Discontents. Dominick LaCapra.

Discourse about Discourse about Discourse about Discourse? A Response to Dominick LaCapra. David A. Hollinger.

From History of Science to Intellectual History: The Probabilistic Revolution and the Chance-Filled Universe of William James. Paul Jerome Croce.

Dewey Done. Robert Westbrook.

That Noble Narcissism. Michael S. Roth.


Fine for Our Time. Daniel T. Rodgers.

Footnote to Tocqueville? Margaret Schabas.

John Dewey: Philosopher of Democracy. Richard J. Bernstein.

Michael Fried, Realism, and the Scene of Writing. Christopher P. Wilson.

The Reception of Psychoanalysis in France: Lacan and Company. Thomas F. Glick.

Graduate Syllabi

Approaches to Cultural History. Jean-Christophe Agnew.

Crises in Expression and Representation. Johanna Drucker and Harvey J. Graff.

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