Intellectual History Newsletter

Volume 2 (1980)
Thomas Bender, editor

This issue begins with the outline of a course developed by Professor Linda Kerber. The course deals with women, education, and intellect in America.

Professor Matthew Baigell has contributed a review of an exhibit on The American Renaissance. Professor Joyce Appleby offers a discussion of two quite important studies of political theory: J. G. A. Pocock's Machiavellian Moment and Quentin Skinner's Foundations of Modern Political Thought.

Two contributions concern themselves with the state of intellectual history. The first, by Professor Robert Darnton, is excerpted from his longer essay on the field in Michael Kammen, ed. The Past Before Us (1980), and it is reproduced with the permission of the author, editor, and publisher. It addresses in an admittedly limited way the question of the real or supposed decline in intellectual history. The other paper has been written by E. M. Henning, [who] reports on a conference on "The Future of European Intellectual History" held [Spring 1980] at Cornell University.

The issue concludes with two communications. One is a bibliographical note by Charles F. Howlett directing attention to a[n] article on history textbooks. The other is a response to the essays on Intellectual Disciplines and Intellectual History in the first number of the Intellectual History Group Newsletter. It was written by Professor William Fine.

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