A Virtual Tour of

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Soon we will be taking a virtual tour of the Harvard University Campus. Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States. It is over 350 years old, although no single building is that old. Harvard University's main Web Page includes some interesting references to Harvard History and Trivia.

This page also includes information about life at Harvard and lists of famous people who attended the university, including six U.S. Presidents.

A good place to start our tour is with a look a a map of the general campus. This map is interactive; clicking on any area will bring up a smaller map, and so on down to information about individual buildings.

Also, check out this special Map of Our Walking Tour. Click on the numbered buildings for the descriptions, also found below.


(1) When we visit the Harvard campus we will start our tour at the Au Bon Pain coffee shop on Massachusetts Avenue in the middle of Harvard Square. This is a famous and favorite hangout for hippies and tourists. There are several chess tables outside which are always busy in the summertime.

(2) When we cross Mass Ave we will enter Harvard Yard through the Wadsworth Gate, which was built in 1857. On the right you will see a small yellow wooden house. This is Wadsworth House, at one time headquarters of General George Washington.

(3) One of the first buildings we see when we enter the Yard is Boylston Hall. Its architectural style is different than most of the other buildings; it was built in the Italian Renaissance style.

(4) The oldest building still standing in Harvard Yard is Massachusetts Hall. It now houses freshmen dormitories and the office of the president.

5) Across from Massachusetts Hall is Harvard Hall. It was once the main library.

6) Holden Chapel, the first Harvard church, was not built until almost a century after the university began.

7) University Hall holds the offices of the Deans. It also divides Harvard Yard into two halves; the Old Yard and the New Yard. On the Old Yard side can be found.the statue of John Harvard. This is also known as the Statue of the Three Lies.to learn about THE LIES!

(8) In New Harvard Yard are the three large buildings. The first one is Memorial Church, which is now the main church of the university.

(9) The second is Sever Hall, which used to house the Harvard ESL program (now at 51 Brattle St) and still the site of many ESL classes, especially in the summer.

(10) Finally, the biggest university library in the world. Widener Library, home to over 3 million books, was built in honor of a Harvard grad who died on the Titanic.

(11) Now it is time to leave the Yard, through the Eliot Gate, built in 1908. Here we will enter Quincy Street, passing the Freshman Union and the Faculty Club on the right. Immediately across the street we will see The Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, which contains a gallery and Harvard's art department.

(12) Next door to the Carpenter Center is the Fogg Art Museum, one of six Harvard Art Museums. This one has the best collection of oil paintings, especially from Europe.

(13) Now we cross Broadway St. To the left is the Harvard Fire Station and to the left is the Cambridge High School and Public Library. Ahead is another museum, the Sackler Museum, and too the right is the biggest building at Harvard, Memorial Hall. Notice the stained glass windows and the gargoyles atop the tower.

(14) Further to the left are the Harvard Science Labs. The biggest building is the Science Center, which is said to resemble a Polaroid Camera.

(15) Behind the Science Center are the diverse science labs. Also back there is the Harvard Museum Complex, which includes four museums for the price of one; the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology; the Museum of Gems and Minerals; the Museum of Zoology and the Botanical Glass Flowers Museum.

Memorial Hall from the Science Center Fountain

When you are done with your brief tour of the Harvard Campus, feel free to explore the equally fascinating Harvard Square.