10 Things I Bet You Didn't Know about

Do you know how many sites are searched by Google? Do you know how many people use it?

This pie chart shows the share of the search question sources between the top 10 search engines.











This is a look at the same figures from above but this time showing what percentage of searches may be powered by Google.

Google provides results to both Yahoo and AOL, so some of the searches at these places ultimately get served by Google.







This chart shows how many pages each engine has indexed. These numbers are in Billions!

INK= Inktomi
TMA = Teoma
AV = Altavista

Do you know about the Google language and country searches?

Check out this page. Can you search for pages written in your language?

Can you reset the Google interface so the instructions are in your native language?

Scroll down to the Visit Google's Site in Your Local Domain  section. Is your country listed?

Do you know Google does translations?

There are many on-line translation services, and this one compares favorably with most of them.  Try it our with a short selection of text in any listed language, obtained from doing a language specific search. Note: the translator currently handles only Latin based languages.

Do you know Google is a calculator?

If you get 76, 88, 84 and 96 on four quizzes, what is your average?

If a store is charging $1875 for a computer but is offering 25% off, how much does it cost? (5% tax)

If the class buys a lottery ticket and wins a million dollars, how much will each of you get?


Do you know Google can help you find vital supplies like Pizza and Taxis?

Try searching for taxi 02215.  Or pizza 02215.  Or your own zip code. 

Experiment and see if you can find other key words.


Do you know that Google can reverse look-up phone numbers?

Type CELOP's phone number into the search box (617-353-4870)

Type your home phone number in (only works with land lines listed in phone book)

Do you know what happens when you type an address into the search box?

Try CELOP's address: 890 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02215

Do you know that Google does Conversions?

You can convert just about anything to anything by typing in the search box.  Remember to use the word "in" to say what units you want your answer to be in. For example:

6 feet in centimeters
32 C in F
3 tablespoons in mililiters

Try to find the following:

What is 48 degrees Farenheight in Celcius?

What is 190 pounds in kilograms?

What is 2003 in Roman Numerals?

What is one acre in hectares?

Do you know how to search a specific site?

By using a special format you can tell Google to only search one specific server. You cannot narrow it further however.  For example, you can't search just the Dowbrigade this way. 

Try searching admissions site:www.bu.edu

Try searching for boston university site:blogs.law.harvard.edu

Try searching for Dowbrigade boston university

Do you know what the "Google Maps" is?

Sure you knew that Google can map any street address in the United States, but did you also know that it can search Satellite Photos?

Even more things you didn't know about Google!  Here is Johns PDF on the subject.