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Boston University; Senior Lecturer in the Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP ); 1988-present;

Š     Boston University Law School Summer Legal Institute in London, England

Š    Special Program Coordinator for Japanese IT Program

Š    Special Program for Coordinator MBA candidates

Š    Special Program for LM foreign lawyers at BU Law School

Š    Design of Instructional Media


            Universidad Espiritu Santo (UEES), Guayaquil, Ecuador; 1994-96 

Š    Founder and Chair of the English Language Department;

Š    Internet Training Coordinator;

Š    English Coordinating Committee Chair


            Instructional Solutions, Educational and Training Consultants

Š    Founder and President; 1992-present

Š    Assessment of Language Needs

Š    Program design , editing and content creation in language texts and teaching materials

Š    Educational program evaluation, design and administration,

Š    Implementing Web-based instruction, dis and

Š    Distance learning

Š    Blogging and WIKIs in educational institutions

Š    Web-mastering, HTML and graphic design

Š    Web-based marketing and public relations

Š    Standardized test preparation


            Harvard University, Extension School and Harvard Summer School

Š    Teaching Fellow in English as a Second Language; 1989-1994

Š    Special Course in American Legal System

Š    Teacher training and materials development


KWR International - Research, Communications and Consulting Services for the Public and Private Sectors; 1997-2006

Š    Webmaster for kwrintl.com

Š    Web design for KWR International Advisor

Š  Consultant for Education and Training

 Creator and Editor, Dowbrigade News

Š    Sole writer and editor, since founding in 2003

Š    Member of the Berkman Center Bloggers Group

Š    Credentialed blogger at the Democratic National Convention

Š    Created and presented Blogging 101 at BloggerCon I



            State University of New York at Albany; MS in Education

Š    Teaching English as a Second Language; June, 1984


Harvard University; AB in Psychology and Social Relations

Š    Anthropology major;  Nov. 1977



"WIKI's, Social Networking and Web 2.0 in the Classroom" presented to the 2009 TESOL Conference in Denver, CO March 26, 2009

“How much technology is too much technology” presentation at BarCamp Boston 2; MIT; March 17, 2007

“WIKI Workshops Parts I and II”; hands-on workshops, Boston University; October and November 2007

“Integration of New Technologies in the Language Learning: Advantages and Limitations” paper for the 2006 TESOL Conference in Tampa, Fl

“Balancing Priorities in an LLM American Law for Foreign Lawyers Program” presented to the 2004 TESOL Conference in Long Beach, CA, March 28, 2004

“How Blogging Changed my Life and Enriched my Teaching” presented at the Electronic Village at the 2004 TESOL Conference

“Blogging 101” Presented at BloggerCon I at the Harvard Law School, November 2003 (repeated as MIT Intersession class)

“An ASP Solution that Delivers”; Learning Management Systems Review Reports; Training Media Review (TMR) Reports, Spring 2003

“Moshe Meet Mohammed: Defusing Cultural Conflict in the Classroom” paper, presented to the 2003 TESOL Conference in Baltimore, MD March 26, 2003

"Teaching American Culture through Proverbs and Parables" paper to the 2002 TESOL Conference, Salt Lake City, UT April 8, 2002

“Web-based Orientation in an Intensive English Program"; paper, presented to the 1999 TESOL Conference in New York City, March 8, 1999

"Developing  Web Components for English Language Instructions"; workshop developed and presented for the CELOP Technology Group Teacher Training program, 9/99, repeated 3/00

"Import-Export E-mail Business Simulation"; chapter in Virtual Connections, Mark Warschauer, ed.; University of Hawaii Press, 1995


Training Media Review: Learning Management Systems Series

“Aspen”  “Learning Space” “Saba” 2001-2003

"Forio Business Simulations" TMR; vol 8 no.7 Spring      2001

“Better than Ever” (Flash); TMR; vol 8 no.6 Winter 2001

“Who’s got the Time?” (Dreamweaver Coursebuilder) TMR vol 8 no.5 Fall 2000

“Watch out for the Potholes” (Web CT); Training Media Review vol 8 no.4 Summer 2000




Instructional Program Design and Development
Technology in the Classroom
Educational Marketing and Recruitment
Teacher Training and Professional Development
Assessment of Organizational Language Needs (Evaluation)
Web-based Delivery of Instructional Content
Design and Utilization of Web Resources in Teaching
Blog Use in Educational Contexts
Business and Legal English
Distance Learning
Spanish fluency - Extensive Knowledge of South America

References and additional information on request