Reservations and Rentals

calendar-1Instructors may reserve lab rooms to conduct hands-on instructions and class laboratories. To reserve a lab room please e-mail METIT@BU.EDU, complete the following FORM or call 617-358-5401. All reservations should be done at least 48 hours in advance. We will always try to accommodate last minute reservations, but cannot guarantee the space.  There are labs and room 109 reservation calendars you can check for availability of space at:                 METLABS     SHA LAB     ROOM109 

To rent a lab please email METIT@BU.EDU with the date/time/requirements.
Fees approved for use in renting MET PC labs:   $100/hour    $300/4 hours    $600/day. 
Payment within BU can be made by journal entry, from outside BU can be made by check to Boston University.  Labs availability can be checked on the calendar for MET and SHA