Virtual Apps

VAppsMET IT offers virtual applications to provide students with remote access to course-specific software. To get access to virtual apps the instructor needs to send a request for all students in class via email to METIT@BU.EDU or complete the following FORM. If your instructor has not requested access to the virtual application for the class, it will not be available to you.


Attention new students and first time users
To connect to VAPPs you need to synchronize your BU account to Active Directory.  Please go to and follow the steps.  This is a one-time requirement.

How To Access MET Virtual Applications

  1. Download the VMWare View Client from
  2. Once client downloaded, start it and enter as a “Connection Server” name.
  3. Log in using your BU login name and password, make sure AD is selected for the “Domain” name.
  4. Once logged in, each student will have a list of icons, click the icon for your virtual application


How To Save Files Using Virtual Apps

Follow these instructions to save your files from the virtual applications into your personal computer

*You can print files created in the virtual app to any printer connected to your physical computer.

To get help: 617-358-5401 or