Lecture Capture & Video Recording

09-11351-METCOMPSCI-054MET faculty can record lectures and other classroom events.  Once processed, these can be made available for online viewing and download in a few hours after the lecture ends. Students can review recorded lectures and seminars. Faculty can use recordings to enhance communications with students outside of normal lecture hours, e.g. review homework assignments, record additional content or guest speakers, tutorials. Archived recordings can be used in future classes. For MET Blended/E1 Courses scheduled in the Fuller PC Labs Lecture recording is a standard service. For availability in classrooms outside of Fuller please contact us. Note, for web conferencing, Live Classroom or real-time viewing of lectures and events click here. to learn about Adobe Connect.


Recorded lectures can include any combination of slides, instructor video and audio. 
Instructors can use a graphical tablet to annotate slides, create drawings or write on the screen during the lecture.
Whiteboard capture is available in some instances as well.
Recordings can be incorporated into Blackboard Course Sites.
The ability to prerecord and edit lectures or other course material is an additional service.

How to Schedule

We will be happy to discuss the details of your project to find the right software and technology for you. To begin, complete the technology request form to schedule a recording or to plan your project. We can support your requests during the Lab operations hours, Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm.  Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm. Please plan for additional 30 minutes before the recording session in order to load your presentation materials, attach the microphone, etc.  Please allow additional time if this is your first recording session to review system controls.