MET IT is unable to provide onsite support to BU classrooms outside of the MET PC Labs & Room 109.

For Blended Classes taking place outside of MET IT supported spaces we have complied a list of resources should you need technical assistance. Information about Adobe Connect Live Classrooms can be found here (Learn more about Adobe Connect)
If you are interested in scheduling Adobe Connect training or arranging online support for your E1 class contact us

MET IT: 617-358-5401
We will do our best to provide basic troubleshooting over the phone.

Learning & Event Technology Services (LETS): 617-353-3227.
They support the majority of BU classrooms.
Can assist with issues such as connecting to the projector, access to the equipment closets, and other A/V related issues

For an overview of LETS Support:
For an overview of available technology:
Basic Classroom Troubleshooting

Wireless Network: For issues connecting to the internet. Note: For Adobe Connect we highly recommend using a wired connection to provide a more stable connection.

Additional Resources:
To learn more about a classroom and where it is located:
For information about having your class recorded using ECHO360: