1. Please contact METIT@BU.EDU to have the Camtasia Relay client app and compatible microphone supplied to you.

2. Please note that after completing and submitting your recording for processing to our server you need to connect your computer to a BU campus network (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) and allow sufficient time for the recording to upload.

3. Although connecting to our server from home using the BU Anyconnect VPN is possible, please note that it requires more time for the recording to be uploaded.To download and install the BU Anyconnect VPN client go to:


1. Connect your microphone and make sure it is ready.

2. Open the Camtasia Relay Client: Start > Programs > Techsmith > Camtasia Relay

3. Check the icon in the top right corner that shows if you are connected. A green checkmark means you are connected to our server.

4. Log in, using your BU username and password.

5. Please select your microphone by clicking the microphone icon on top and selecting the correct microphone, if more than one are available.

6. Optionally you can create custom hotkeys to Start/Pause or Stop the recording by clicking on the “button icon” on top.

7. Select for profile “Web Extra Large”; this profile will create and email you links for 3 different formats: Flash video, Windows Media video and IPhone video.

Note: In general providing the students with the link for the Flash video is sufficient in most cases.

8. Give a title for your recording.

9. Please do a test before starting the actual recording.

10. You can start the recording by using the custom hotkey or simply by clicking the “Rec” button.

11. To Pause/Stop the recording you use the custom hotkey or just open the Relay application from the taskbar.

12. After the recording is completed you will have the option to preview it and make edits.

13. You can remove parts of your recording from the beginning or the end by clicking on the “Trimming” button.

14. When done, select the “Submit” button to start the upload to our server or “Discard” to delete it.

15. You must leave your computer on for a while after submitting the video, so the upload process can complete successfully.

16. To check the status of your recording, go to:

and login using your BU username and password.

17.When the recording is done processing, you will receive a notification email with links for the video.


1.If you cannot get connected and you don’t see a green checkmark in the top right corner then:When recording at home, make sure to connect with BU Anyconnect VPN firstWhen on campus, send us and email at METIT@BU.EDU

2. If the recording is uploading very slowly, please bring your laptop on campus and connect it using ethernet cable.

3. If you experience flickering of the mouse cursor, please follow these instructions:

Windows XP:  Right click on empty area of the desktop > Select “Properties” > Select “Settings” > Select “Advanced” > Select “Troubleshoot” >  Disable “Hardware Acceleration”

Notes: This may affect the graphics performance of your computer, you can always enable back  the “Hardware Acceleration”

Windows 7: Select the Start Button > in the search field type “Advanced System Settings” > In the Performance area select “Settings” > Select “Adjust for Best Performance” > Select Apply