Public Transportation

Boston has a very compact downtown area, making it easy to get around by foot or via public transportation. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (more commonly known as the MBTA or the “T”) maintains the public transportation system in Boston. This system of underground trains (the subway), buses, and trolleys allows you to travel easily all over the city of Boston as well as the suburbs. Boston University is located on the T’s Green Line “B” train. The main BU stops are BU East, BU Central, and BU West, providing easy access to Boston’s attractions. Visit the MBTA website for fares, schedules, and route maps.

MBTA GreenlineSubway

MBTA stations are marked by signs with a large letter “T.” The five major subway lines are the Green, Red, Blue, Orange, and Silver. To ride, purchase a Charlie Card or CharlieTicket using cash or a credit/debit card. Automated fare vending machines are located in most MBTA stations, or ask an MBTA official. If you board a Green Line trolley at an above-ground stop with no fare vending machine, you may pay exact fare in cash ($2).

To learn more about traveling by “T,” take a look at this BU Today article and informational slideshow.


The subways and trolleys connect at many points with MBTA buses. Buses accept the Charlie Card or CharlieTicket, or exact change ($1.50). CharlieTickets include free bus transfer. If you pay cash fare you can request a free bus transfer ticket from the driver when you board.


There are seven recognized cab associations in Boston. For official information on approved rates and rider’s rights, visit the City of Boston website.

  • Top Cab 617-266-4800
  • Boston Cab Assoc. 617-536-3200
  • I.T.O.A. Cab Assoc. 617-825-4000
  • City Cab Assoc. 617-536-5100
  • Metro Cab Assoc. 617-782-5500
  • Tunnel Taxi 617-567-2700