Dean’s Welcome

As globalization appears to make the world smaller, flatter, and more interconnected, Boston University continues to examine and refine its mission, organization, curriculum, and ventures abroad in order to reflect and accommodate the needs of students and industries worldwide.

This is especially true at BU’s Metropolitan College. Recognizing that success in today’s competitive business and technology industries requires a global perspective, we cultivate a dynamic learning environment for students locally, nationally, and internationally. It is significant that, in addition to the University’s AACSB accreditation, the College is one of the few U.S. institutions to have its graduate management programs accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Program Accreditation System (EPAS).

Instrumental to our global outreach, MET International forges partnerships with outstanding academic institutions across the globe to bring their students to our U.S. programs. The mutual benefits are indisputable—our classrooms are enriched by diverse insights, customs, and traditions, while partner students gain exceptional preparation for the global business environment through study in Boston.

I invite you to learn more about our programs, faculty, and university—and to consider the benefits of an educational partnership with us.

To your future,

Tanya Zlateva
Tanya Zlateva
Dean, Metropolitan College

About the Dean

Dean Zlateva oversees Boston University’s Metropolitan College & Extended Education, one of the largest of Boston University’s 17 schools and colleges. Diverse and innovative, Metropolitan College educates four thousand undergraduate and graduate degree candidates, and thousands of others in non-degree programs, each year—on campus, onsite at corporations and other locales, overseas, and online. The Dean is also responsible for MET International, the University’s distance learning enterprise and Summer Term, plus she chairs the President’s Council for a Global University.