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MET Advanced Degree Programs, Students Featured in Boston Globe Money & Careers section

May 7th, 2012 in Gastronomy, MET News, Programs, Project Management

Graduate Enrollment at BU METMET’s Masters of Project Management and Masters of Gastronomy programs highlighted in Boston Globe Money and Careers Section. In a down economy many professionals are turning to alternative degree programs to gain the competitive edge.

Terry Robbins, 45, a director of operations technology at a major insurance company in New Jersey, peered into the future and realized he had many years of work ahead of him. “I was looking at the market and said to myself, ‘How can I make myself more competitive?’ ’’ said Robbins, who already has a bachelor’s degree in management information systems. The answer was BU’s part-time master’s program in project management, described as an “alternative to MBAs.’’ Robbins started his graduate studies in 2009. … A resident of New Jersey, Robbins has taken all of his courses online and expects to complete his degree later this year.

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