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International Marketing Graduate Certificate at Boston University MET

International Marketing, Graduate Certificate

Learn International marketing skills including web design, SEO, SEM, & social media. Study marketing with MBAs from around the world through special online study programs. Program options include an online study format.

Types: Certificate, Graduate, On campus, Online

International Marketing

International Marketing, Graduate Diploma

The Graduate Diploma in International Marketing provides essential Internet-based marketing skills necessary for today’s highly competitive international market, such as web design, SEO, and SEM.

Types: diploma, Graduate, On campus

Supply Chain Management, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management is a course of study covering key operations management concepts, methods, and the state-of-the-art tools used in the process of designing and managing global supply chains.

Types: Blended, Certificate, Graduate, On campus, Online

Visual & Digital Health Communication, Graduate Certificate

Boston University’s online Graduate Certificate in Visual & Digital Health Communication explores the fundamental principles of design and how to apply them to the creation of powerful health education and delivery application tools, such as infographics, data visualization graphics, videos, websites, mobile apps, and branded content.

Types: Certificate, Graduate, Online