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Criminal Justice at Boston University Metropolitan College

Criminal Justice, Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminal Justice provides general knowledge of the methods and theories of social science, along with a specialized understanding of criminal activity, policing, corrections, criminal court procedures, and social policy as it relates to crime control.

Types: Degree, On campus, Undergraduate

Master of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice, Master's Degree

The Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) program is for those who wish to enter or advance a criminal justice career, especially those considering advanced studies or administration and research in the area of criminal justice.

Types: Degree, Graduate, On campus, Online

Criminal Justice Undergraduate Certificate

Criminal Justice, Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Criminal Justice provides a comprehensive and in-depth study into the critical areas of the justice system—police, courts, and prisons.

Types: Certificate, On campus, Undergraduate