Medical Information Security & Privacy Graduate Certificate

CNSS - LogoStudents gain exposure to the complex and varied factors that must be taken into account when addressing information security issues within health care systems. This certificate program presents the methods and skills needed for designing and building secure and reliable systems by developing an understanding of the special requirements of health care systems, where privacy of personal data must be balanced with access to patient records.

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Medical Information Security & Privacy will be able to demonstrate:

  • Advanced knowledge of the functionality, technical infrastructure, and best-practice deployment of health care IT, including medical algorithms, electronic health records, privacy and security, and regulations.
  • Proficiency in security issues in computer systems, networks, and applications, and an understanding of the unique set of privacy and security needs in a health care environment.
  • Competence sufficient to lead health IT initiatives, to design and implement advanced health care software solutions, and to manage the data privacy and system security challenges in a health care environment.

Program Requirements


Any bachelor’s degree. Some courses may have additional prerequisites.


(Four courses/16 credits)

  • MET CS 580 Health Informatics
  • MET CS 581 Electronic Health Records
  • MET CS 695 Enterprise Information Security

And one selected from the following:

  • MET CS 674 Database Security
  • MET CS 684 IT Security Policies and Procedures

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