Master of Science in Human Resources Management (online)

The online Master of Science in Human Resources Management program offers a complex set of skills and abilities designed to assist in understanding how best to organize the structure, position, technical, and human assets and design the continuity strategy of a firm to maximize productivity, change, competitiveness, and sustainability. The program’s courses offer a broad perspective of the complexity of today’s international company with its diversified labor force, manufacturing, and service operations spread worldwide.

Students who complete the master’s degree in Human Resources Management will be able to demonstrate:

  • Advanced knowledge of effective human resource policies and their importance to the modern organization.
  • Advanced knowledge of the strategic management of human resources, and how these resources fit within the wider organization.
  • Proficiency in the utilization and planning of diverse human resources within the organization.
  • Competence sufficient to provide meaningful support to the organization in its human resource planning and strategic execution.

Learn more about the online MS in Human Resources Management by visiting  Boston University’s Distance Education website.