Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management

Offered on campus and online, the Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management (MSERM) at Boston University’s Metropolitan College provides the tools and concepts necessary to plan for, prevent, and—when needed—successfully respond to disruptions in business operations. The Enterprise Risk Management graduate program integrates cutting-edge intellectual content from the academic world with sophisticated management practices of leading global corporations.

The imperative of the 21st-century business environment, Enterprise Risk Management is a holistic management construct for identifying potential threats, risks, and vulnerabilities in an organization and its business enterprise. It concerns ongoing, never-ending strategies to evaluate and mitigate potential disruptions, and encompasses resiliency planning, prevention, crisis management, business continuity management, and technology recovery. As such, the ability to contribute to enterprise risk planning and execution is an important skill for many business leaders.

The primary objective of the Enterprise Risk Management master’s program is to develop sophisticated professionals who can take on enterprise risk challenges in today’s turbulent business world, enhancing business value by providing analytical and technological solutions that mitigate risk across entire business enterprises.

Students who complete the master’s degree in Enterprise Risk Management will be able to demonstrate:

  • Proficiency in designing and evaluating exposures and the available response options, and developing appropriate plans for widely used enterprise risk management, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery frameworks and processes.
  • Skills in the use of quantitative and qualitative data to estimate the likelihood and severity of individual exposures.
  • The skills and abilities necessary to undertake management and leadership roles in the profession of enterprise continuity, with an appreciation of the broad issues of continuity, security, and risk management.
  • A broad understanding of the different aspects of business continuity as it impacts the continued operations of the firm, from supply-chain management through higher-level strategy development involving markets and industry sustainability.

MS in Enterprise Risk Management Program Option

Available on campus and in the following format:

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Chris Budd
MS in Enterprise Risk Management (MET’19)
Information Technology & Information Security Professional, Financial Services

How did your course of study at Boston University benefit your career?

The last class of my Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management degree program was the Business Continuity Management course, which I found to be a both powerful and meaningful way to bring my studies to a close. It was also of immediate benefit at my job as an IT and information security expert with a large financial services provider. Having recently taken on new business continuity responsibilities, I had already come to appreciate that protecting a company must be an integrated team effort.

The rich content of this course—from the placement of business continuity management in an organization to the business continuity management approach for maximum sustainability—provided me with tremendous insight far beyond simply approving call-tree tests. I plan to keep the compiled course content and readings as valued resources for the rest of my career. My professors were quite generous in engaging my questions, especially in confirming how class concepts connected to other things in my field. The live sessions offered a holistic, team-based approach as well, for which I am extremely grateful. The program has been tremendously beneficial, both to me and to my stakeholders.