Blended Master of Science in Computer Information Systems concentration in Security

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The blended, eLive Master of Science in Computer Information Systems concentration in Security provides in-depth knowledge of emerging security threats and solutions to prepare technical leaders to identify, develop, and implement highly secure systems and networks that support organizational goals.

Students who complete the Computer Information Systems master’s degree concentration in Security will be able to demonstrate:

  • Advanced knowledge in the analysis and documentation of requirements for architecture, design, and implementation of computer applications systems.
  • Proficiency in software and computing skills as they pertain to the design and implementation of database systems, data communications, systems analysis, and design.
  • Competence sufficient to identify current and emerging information technologies that may have strategic value for enterprise; assess where those technologies have value; and manage the implementation of those technologies in the enterprise.
  • Advanced knowledge of information security concepts, governance, biometric systems, and database systems security, as well as network security and cryptography.
  • Proficiency in risk management, such as asset assessments, architectural solutions, modeling, and design.
  • Competence in security policies, processes, technology, and operations.

A total of 40 credits is required. Students must complete both the Core Curriculum and the Concentration Requirements.

Core Curriculum

(Six courses/24 credits)

  • MET CS 520 EL information Structures or
    MET CS 601 EL Web Application Development
  • MET CS 546 EL Quantitative Methods for Information Systems
  • MET CS 625 EL Business Data Communication and Networks
  • MET CS 669 EL Database Design and Implementation for Business
  • MET CS 682 EL Information Systems Analysis and Design
  • MET CS 782 EL IT Strategy and Management

Students who have completed courses on core curriculum subjects as part of their undergraduate degree program must replace the corresponding core courses with electives. It is recommended that each replacement course be in the same technical area as the original core course. Students who have work-related experience in any of the core curriculum courses may apply for a waiver by submitting appropriate documentation. When a course waiver is granted, the student must substitute a graduate-level elective for the core course.

Concentration Requirements

In addition to the blended MS in Computer Information Systems core curriculum (24 credits), students pursuing a concentration in Security must also satisfy the following requirements:

Required Security Courses

(Four courses/16 credits)

  • MET CS 674 EL Database Security or
    MET CS 693 EL Digital Forensics and Investigations
  • MET CS 684 EL IT Security Policies and Procedures
  • MET CS 695 EL Enterprise Information Security
  • MET CS 703 EL Network Forensics or
    MET CS 713 EL Advanced Digital Forensics

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