Master of Science in Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management (online)

The online Master of Science in Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management provides the tools and concepts necessary to plan for, prevent, and—when needed—successfully respond to disruptions in business operations. Students explore important issues relating to business continuity, security, information and materials management, as well as risk management from a planning, operations, and response perspective.

Students who complete the master’s degree in Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management will be able to demonstrate:

  • Proficiency in designing and evaluating exposures and the available response options, and developing appropriate plans for widely used enterprise risk management, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery frameworks and processes.
  • Skills in the use of quantitative and qualitative data to estimate the likelihood and severity of individual exposures.
  • The skills and abilities necessary to undertake management and leadership roles in the profession of enterprise continuity, with an appreciation of the broad issues of continuity, security, and risk management.
  • A broad understanding of the different aspects of business continuity as it impacts the continued operations of the firm, from supply-chain management through higher-level strategy development involving markets and industry sustainability.

Learn more about the online MS in Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management by visiting  Boston University’s Distance Education website.


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