Message from Dean Zlateva

Tanya Zlateva, Dean Ad Interim

Dear MET Alumni,

Just one year shy of its fiftieth anniversary, Metropolitan College remains true to its principles of providing high-quality programs for working professionals in formats that are flexible, and with tuition that is affordable. Our success is underscored by stable enrollments and an academic reputation that continues to improve.

MET’s long-standing mission of opening the resources of a renowned research university to the greater community has become a central educational need within the United States and internationally—and we have the knowledge, experience, and creativity to meet this need.

Eighty percent of enrollments at MET are at the graduate level; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, students who earn a professional degree such as a Master of Science enjoy higher-than-average wages and more job security compared to those who earn a bachelor’s only. It shows that, despite a weak economy and increased levels of student debt, a college degree is still a good investment—one that, according to Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney of The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution, returns 15 percent per year.

As our alumni might attest—and as the articles in this issue of Metropolitan reveal—our programs offer unique preparation for today’s global, information-driven economy. The market increasingly depends upon talented professionals who can interpret vast and ever-multiplying amounts of data so that it becomes valuable. Under the guidance of our faculty, with their hands-on industry experience, our students receive an abundance of knowledge that cannot be found in textbooks alone—namely, the expertise that comes from appraising, and responding to, the often unpredictable events that drive the economy.

“Forty percent of our enrollments are in online programs…”

Our students are able to closely engage with this wealth of hard-earned experience in our classrooms on campus as well as online, thanks to the College’s continued spirit of invention in the realm of state-of-the-art educational technologies. Forty percent of our enrollments are in online programs, and as we introduce increasingly sophisticated approaches to education, as well as new curricula in business continuity and risk management, cybersecurity, and data analytics in 2014, we will continue to assert our leading role in graduate professional education, and our position as Boston University’s link to industry.

As you will read within these pages, our graduates continue to thrive in diverse professions and in locations around the world. We invite alumni to remain involved with the College as career advisors and mentors to current students; by sharing their experience in the classroom and online; and by advising on program development in cutting-edge areas of study. We are humbled by the loyalty of our alumni to their alma mater. More than ever, their success is our foundation for the future.

Many happy returns for the New Year!

Tanya Zlateva
Dean ad interim
Boston University Metropolitan College