Savoir Faire

A few highlights of recent faculty and staff honors, grants, presentations, and publications.

Assistant Professor of Arts Administration Richard Maloney (MET’00) has been recruited to the editorial board of the refereed Journal of Art for Life, published by Florida State University. This past May, Maloney participated in “Case Studies on the Arts and Economic Development,” a panel at the day-long symposium on “The Arts, New Growth Theory, and Economic Development,” organized by the National Endowment for the Arts and held at the Brookings Institute.

In June, Irena Vodenska (UNI’09), assistant professor of administrative sciences, presented a paper, “Cascading Failures in Bi-partite Graphs: Model for Systemic Risk Propagation,” at the International Conference on Net and Web Sciences 2012, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. In July, she presented a paper on the “Impact of Euro Adoption on Emerging European Countries,” at the International Euro Conference on Emerging Markets 2012, in Slovenia. Vodenska was also principal investigator for Boston University in “Forecasting Financial Crisis,” a project sponsored by the European Commission to further understand and forecast systemic risk and global financial instabilities, and organized as a consortium of computer scientists, physicists, economists, and policy makers from twelve institutions in eight countries.

“Criminology on Trial,” a paper by Professor Daniel LeClair, chair of applied social sciences, was accepted for presentation at Eurocrim 2012, Bilbao, in September.

Assistant Professor of Gastronomy Rachel Black was interviewed on Radio-Canada’s “Bien dans son assiette” program, discussing the success of her recent MET course Culture and Cuisine: Québec, which was held on location in Montréal, Canada, this past October.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) awarded a grant of $10,000 to Associate Professor of Computer Science and Administrative Sciences Vijay Kanabar, for his proposal “Researching the Current State of Project Management Curriculum and Drafting a Model Curriculum.” The findings of Kanabar and experts from twenty U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities will eventually lead to a curriculum standard that will be recommended and published by PMI.

In December, the International Journal of Production Economics published “On the Lambert W Function: Economic Order Quantity Applications and Pedagogical Considerations,” an article by Associate Professor of Administrative Sciences Roger Warburton and former visiting faculty member Stephen Disney.