Commencement 2013!

Also in this issue…

  1. MET Welcomes Dean Ad Interim Tanya Zlateva

    Meet Dr. Tanya Zlateva, who became dean ad interim for Metropolitan College & Extended Education in January 2013.

  2. The Academic Vision of Associate Dean Chitkushev

    New Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Lou Chitkushev outlines measures to ensure MET students have the “best educational experience.”

  3. Hands-on in Haiti

    Read a Q&A with professors Enrique Silva and Danielle Rousseau, who embody the hands-on aspect of applied social sciences in post-earthquake Haiti.

  4. Distinguished Alumni Awards

    Read a Q&A with distinguished alumni Douglas Chamberlain (MET’74, GSM’76) and Kimberly Grant (MET’10), honored for “Service to Profession.”

  5. MET around Town

    Read a Q&A with three local MET graduates, view videos and other extras, and—if you’re local—submit your own answers to our questions…

  6. Catching up with the Chadwick Fellows

    Find out what this year’s Chadwick Fellowship recipients, Rachel Black and Nancy Ahern, are up to—and read an exclusive Q&A.

  7. Savoir Faire

    Read highlights of recent MET faculty and staff news, honors, grants, presentations, and publications.

  8. Alumni Events & Class Notes

    See photos from select MET alumni events that occurred around the nation this year, and look at class notes submitted by alumni. Have news to share? Submit your own class note.

  9. In Memoriam

    The MET community mourns the passing of Associate Professor of Advertising Tom Fauls and Adjunct Associate Professor Michael Fleming.

  10. Leadership Donors

    We recognize those who have supported MET’s pursuit of excellence through their generous contributions.


  • 610 Number of graduating students who attended Commencement 2013.
  • 5,000 Number of sandwiches served at MET receptions during Commencement.
  • 3,000 Quantity of Commencement programs distributed.
  • 100 Percentage of full-time faculty eligible to hire a graduate assistant.
  • 59 Number of staff who volunteered to work Commencement.
  • 236 The number of online MET students who graduated in 2013.
  • 4,800 Number of fictional résumés sent by alumnus Rand Ghayad to test his theory of long-term unemloyment.