Savoir Faire

Highlights of recent faculty and staff honors, grants, presentations, and publications.

In November, Roger Warburton, associate professor of administrative sciences, presented “The Third Decade of Online Education: What have we learned” at the 2011 Our Digital Renaissance Conference in Florence, Italy. Focusing on online project management education, the research paper was coauthored with Vijay Kanabar and Steve Leybourne.

Also in November 2011, Assistant Professor of Administrative Sciences Irena Vodenska (UNI’09), in collaboration with faculty from BU’s physics department and Bar Ilan University, Israel, coauthored a paper on corporate governance networks that was accepted for publication in Physical Review E.

David Shirley, administrative sciences lecturer, received the 2011 David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award from the Project Management Institute for his coauthorship of Green Project Management.

Assistant Professor of Administrative Sciences Virginia Greiman (SED’70, LAW’03) spoke to PMConnect, the Commonwealth’s largest organization of project managers, in December 2011. She also presented a paper on health data security and privacy, coauthored with Tanya Zlateva and Lou Chitkushev (ENG’96), at the International Conference for Information Warfare, held in Seattle, March 2012.

In February, Carolynn Tomin, director of the Center for Professional Education Financial Planning Program, was appointed chair of the Certified Financial Planning Board’s Council on Education. She also coauthored a book, Principles of Estate Planning.

Ruth Ann Murray (SED’94, GRS’98, GRS’12), MET’s assistant dean for business development and director of the Center for Professional Education, earned her doctorate from BU’s American Studies program in April. Her dissertation was entitled “Through Their Stomachs: Shakers, Food, and Business Practices in the Nineteenth Century.”

MET’s Associate Director of Finance Zhuyuan Zhang (MET’05) was one of just three University staff members to receive the 2012 John S. Perkins Award for Distinguished Service from Boston University’s Faculty Council.

Assistant Professor Rachel Black, coordinator of the gastronomy program, won the Pedagogy Award of the Association for the Study of Food and Society.

An article by Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Shea Cronin, “Maintaining Order Under the Rule of Law: Occupational Templates and the Police Use of Force,” was accepted in the refereed Journal of Crime & Justice. Cronin also coauthored “Juror Perceptions of the Legitimacy of Legal Authorities and Decision Making in Criminal Cases,” which was accepted for publication by Law & Social Inquiry.

Eric Braude, associate professor of computer science; Dino Konstantopoulos, part-time MET faculty member and lead engineer at MITRE Corporation; and Mike Pinkerton of the Northrop Grumman Corporation, coauthored a chapter on “Components and Frameworks in the Cloud Era,” in the recently published book Software Reuse in the Emerging Cloud Computing Era.

The online course Database Design and Implementation for Business, developed by Associate Professor of Computer Science Bob Schudy and the office of Distance Education, won the Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Course Design.

Stu Jacobs, lecturer in computer science, has been elected Senior Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Founded in 1947, ACM is the world’s largest and most prestigious society for research and education in the field of computing.

Assistant Professor of Urban Affairs and City Planning Enrique Silva authored “Access Denied: Urban Highways, Deliberate Improvisation and Political Impasse in Santiago, Chile,” which appeared in Environment and Citizenship in Latin America. Silva also won a grant from the Kellogg Foundation to assist with rebuilding projects in Haiti.