Overload Approval

Undergraduate Students

Course Overload Guidelines

Full-time tuition entitles an undergraduate student to register for 18 credit hours; credit hours over 18 (up to 20) are considered an overload. Students are charged a fee for each credit hour above 18. Metropolitan College students must see an advisor in the Undergraduate Student Services office, 755 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 102, for permission to enroll in an overload and for a waiver of the fee for up to two (2) credit hours above 18 credit hours. Students must apply for a fee waiver no later than the fourth week of classes. Students applying after the fourth week of classes will be required to pay the extra tuition for 2 credit hours. Fees are not waived for over 20 credits.

The following students may qualify for a course overload fee waiver:

  • Metropolitan College students who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3

Metropolitan College seniors (those who have completed 88 or more credits) do not need to apply for the fee waiver; it is granted automatically.

Students may be denied overload approval if they are:

  • Enrolling in Metropolitan College for the first time
  • On Academic Probation or in a warning status
  • Using the semester to complete an “I” grade

All undergraduate students, especially those in the preceding categories, should consult with an academic advisor before attempting to overload. Students denied the course overload fee waiver may request a review of their criteria.

For more information, contact Undergraduate Student Services at 617-353-2980 or metuss@bu.edu.

Graduate Students

Metropolitan College full-time graduate students who wish to take more than 16 credits must seek approval for the overload from the academic department or program office through which they are earning their degree.