Communications Resources

Metropolitan College believes that all students should be evaluated critically and consistently based not only on what they have to say, but how they say it. In an effort to ensure future success, both academically and professionally, no student, regardless of nationality, will be granted a Metropolitan College degree if he or she cannot produce clearly written work such as research papers, business correspondence, critical analyses of issues or problems, well-organized business plans, or other documents normally expected in the field.

Here you’ll find information about our expectations in terms of written and spoken communication, as well as resources for students seeking to improve writing skills or pursue English language instruction.

Metropolitan College is proud of the diversity of its student population and is committed to educating undergraduate and graduate students in an environment that welcomes students from all backgrounds and cultures. At the same time, faculty members are committed to evaluating student work in a manner that is consistent with the high normative standards of university education.

It is a common and unfortunate misconception to believe that excellence in a field of study, such as mathematics or computer programming, can be achieved without proficiency in English, even if mathematical symbols and formal syntax are the same regardless of native language. In fact, the contrary is often true: a subtle change in the English formulation translates into a different formula or syntax construct, and may lead to serious errors. While it is the duty of educators to develop and nurture students’ English knowledge and skills while ensuring their mastery of the professional terminology, responsibility must also lie with the student. Open communication must be maintained within the classroom and assistance must be sought if a student feels that he or she is in need of further tutoring.

At the undergraduate level, Metropolitan College has revised its English Composition requirements to assure a higher standard of proficiency in written communications. As part of course requirements, students must demonstrate their mastery of writing and spoken English.

At the graduate level, this challenge and responsibility is equally important. The University faculty recognize that Boston University has a large population of international students, many of whom are not English speaking. They also recognize that many graduate students who are native English speakers may not have had an undergraduate education that demanded extensive written work (e.g., majors in studio art, music performance, mathematics, or engineering). Knowledge of the English language is central to success both in graduate studies and a professional career. Understanding lecture material, taking part in class discussion, efficiently distilling knowledge from the large body of professional literature, articulating ideas for a project or a management approach, justifying a strategy or business plan—all depend on the ability to communicate, orally and in writing, clearly and concisely. Toward this end, each department or graduate program will develop its own diagnostic means of evaluating student writing and make remedial assistance available to all students who are not producing work at a satisfactory level.

Educational Resource Center (ERC)

775 Commonwealth Avenue, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-353-7077

The ERC Writing Center offers tutoring and assistance with writing, free to Boston University students. Staffed by BU doctoral students, the Writing Center is designed to assist students with all aspects of the writing process excluding proofreading and editing. Our writing fellows help students with writing elements such as organization, documentation, and style. Visit for detailed information and hours of operation.

The Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP)

890 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-353-4870

The Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP) offers non-native speakers of English a variety of courses geared to different levels of language proficiency. Visit for details on courses, schedules, and costs.

Metropolitan College Courses in Writing & Composition

755 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: 617-353-6000

Metropolitan College offers writing and composition courses for native speakers of English as well as international students. Courses include:

  • MET AD 501 Business Communications for International Students
  • MET BC 101 Basic Writing Skills
  • MET EN 101 Expository Composition for International Students I
  • MET EN 102 Expository Composition for International Students II
  • MET EN 103 Basic Composition
  • MET EN 104 English Composition
  • MET EN 201 Intermediate Composition

For more information, see undergraduate courses in English & American Literature.

Summer Term Writing Courses

755 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-353-5124

Boston University Summer Term offers courses for native speakers of English and international students. Courses include:

  • CAS WR 098 Intro to College Reading and Writing in English (ESL only)
  • CAS WR 100 Writing Seminars
  • CAS 150 Writing and Research Seminars

Find full descriptions, schedules, and costs of Writing Courses at