Scheduling & Staffing

Before the beginning of each semester, the MET Dean’s office will ask all departments offering Metropolitan College courses to turn in a list of courses to be offered the following semester. Course offerings are submitted to the Academic Services office in the form of a Detail Sheet. Scheduling Detail Sheets are used to create both the printed schedule and the online schedule found on the Link.

Scheduling and Staffing Central Deadlines

February 1 Fall Detail Sheets Due
February Summer Student Registration Opens
March 1 Last Day to Send Summer Notices of Available Courses & Inquiry of Availability
March 1 Final Summer Staffing Sheets Due
April 1 Summer Course Assignment Letters Sent to Faculty
April Fall Student Registration Opens
May 1 Last Day to Send Fall Notices of Available Courses & Inquiry of Availability
May 1 Final Fall Staffing Sheets Due
June Spring Detail Sheets Due
July 1 Fall Course Assignment Letters Sent to Faculty
October 1 Last Day to Send Spring Notices of Available Courses & Inquiry of Availability
October 1 Final Spring Staffing Sheets Due
October Spring Student Registration Opens
November 1 Spring Course Assignment Letters Sent to Faculty
December 1 Summer Detail Sheets Due

Scheduling Detail Sheet

The Scheduling Detail Sheet must be completed by the deadlines that are listed above and confirmed via email several weeks in advance. Once the deadline passes for the Dean’s office, the Administrative Coordinators no longer have access to UIS to submit and change course offerings; changes have to be submitted to the Schedules Department by the Dean’s office via an online form. Information received past the deadline will not get priority for room selection. As many of you probably know, it is much easier to input all information directly into your Scheduling Detail Sheet rather than adding additional info later, so please do your best to adhere to the deadline with as much detail as possible.

Here are a few important points to keep in mind when completing your Scheduling Detail Sheet:

  1. Section/Day Agreement: For almost all of its Charles River classes, Metropolitan College assigns section numbers based on the day which the class meets  (A1 for Monday, B1 for Tuesday, etc.). Please make sure that your days and sections match accordingly. O1 is to be used for the first section of an online course, and O2, O3, etc. will be used as additional online sections are needed. E1 is to be used for blended courses.
  2. WebReg Restrict/Permission Required: WebReg restricted and Permission Required indicates that students may not register online and must get a signature on their registration form from the department or the instructor. Indicate if you prefer these registration options by putting a “Y” in one of these columns. If only students in your program can register for a class please indicate that in the course comments field and the reserved seating field and we will update this using hegis codes.
  3. Reserved Seating: If only students in your program can register for the course, please indicate the program and include the hegis code. If only MET students can register, please mark “MET.” Otherwise, regular policies will be used to update the reserved seating (for example, all undergraduate classes have a certain percentage reserved for MET and non-MET students as calculated by our offices).
  4. Print Suppress: If you would prefer that a course is not listed on the Student Link, please mark this column.
  5. Course Comments: Course comments are used on both the printed schedule and the online schedule and are located above the course listing. Use this field if you wish to include a course comment. These are the comments that have a blue push-pin by them on the Student Link. An example of a course comment: Students registering for MET BI 211 must register for two sections: Lecture and Laboratory.
  6. Line Comments: As with a course comment, line comments are used in both the printed and online schedules but are found to the right of the course listing under the “Notes” section in both schedules. Line comments are especially useful for communicating special information to the student. It is mandatory to include a Line Comment if you are offering classes that:
    (a) Meet off campus
    (b) Have irregular meeting dates and/or times
    (c) Are “Stamped Approval”
    (d) Are only for certain students (i.e., MET students, Arts Administration students, etc.)
    An example of a line comment:

    Charles River Wed 6–9 p.m. Permission Required for non-Arts Admin students.
    See Arts Admin Dept., 808 Commonwealth Avenue.
  7. Room Requests: If an instructor requires specific technology or other functions for their course, please enter the specific attributes or technology required in this column. We cannot request specific buildings and rooms, but only specify the classroom attributes that a course requires. Please try to be as specific as possible.
  8. Type: You will notice that the Scheduling Detail Sheet requires you to fill in what type of class you are offering. For those of you unfamiliar with the different types, please see below. Most of you will be offering mostly IND classes, but please be sure you are certain of the class type before filling it in on the Scheduling Detail Sheet.
    APP=Applied Art
    DIS=Discussion Section
    DRS=Directed Study
    EXP=Clinical Experience
    PLB=Pre-Lab Section
    IND=Independent Course (no additional components)

Staffing Detail Sheet

You will also be responsible for completing a Staffing Detail Sheet. The purpose of this sheet is to collect details about staff for payroll purposes. Although it is due later than the schedule, this is not a way to postpone staffing your classes. All departments need to coordinate a schedule that offers a balance of classes on the various days of the week, and that is staffed appropriately when course offerings are submitted, so as to avoid day and time changes closer to the start of the new semester. These types of changes significantly affect enrollments, and should be avoided whenever possible.

All coordinators in charge of submitting staffing information should be aware of the MET overbase and overload policy for full-time employees and full-time instructors at Boston University, as well as the deadlines and implications for the Part-Time Faculty Union. 

All courses not in the 6-8:45 p.m. time block requires justification from the department and approval from the Associate Dean.

Lowering course caps below 30 for graduate courses requires justification from the department and approval from the Associate Dean.

Once a semester schedule becomes available to students, the Dean will not allow any changes to course meeting days or times.

A few weeks after MET Academic Services office requests the Scheduling Detail Sheets, we will request a completed Staffing Sheet.

To complete the Staffing Sheet, please enter all courses your department is offering through MET, the full name of the instructor, and their BU ID number (which can be found in MIS or in function ID04 in UIS—instructors cannot be added to the schedule without a BU ID number). Please also be sure to indicate whether the course is a Day Load or Over Load course (for full-time instructors), the base school, their base salary, and whether they are a student or staff (for part-time instructors).

In addition to the Staffing Sheet, some faculty require additional paperwork. New faculty require two forms—the Recommendation for MET Part-Time Appointment and the MET Personnel Data Form—as well as a current curriculum vitae and three letters of recommendation. Please return all paperwork to the MET Dean’s office as soon as possible.

The following are the appointment/staffing procedures and guidelines:

  1. Initial Appointment: Appointment forms (Recommendation for MET Part-Time Appointment), current CV, three letters of recommendation, and the MET Personnel Data Form.
  2. Reappointment: Updated CV (every two years) and updated demographics.
  3. Full-Time Administrators (903 Status): Provost’s approval required for initial appointment (memo from the Dean must confirm that teaching duties do not interfere with administrative duties, and if compensation is proposed, memo should confirm that the compensated hours do not overlap).
  4. Emeritus Faculty: Require reappointment using the Extension of Service Form, submitted to the Faculty Analyst with cover memo for the Dean and a current CV.

The staffing information sheet is required to be accurately filled out each semester.