Classroom Resources

Boston University offers a variety of support resources to ensure that your classroom is comfortable, suitably equipped with audio and visual (AV) equipment, and issue-free.

Classroom Media Support

Classroom Support Services coordinates all required AV equipment, including but not limited to projectors, DVD players, CD players, VCRs, and so on. Should you require AV equipment in your classroom, contact Classroom Support Services to arrange for equipment delivery and set-up at the requested date(s) and time(s).

To request classroom media services online, use the Classroom Service Request form. Please note that this form requires your faculty Kerberos login to connect.

If you prefer, you can download a PDF of the Classroom Service Request form, which you can print out, fill in, then fax or deliver. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader v4.0 or higher to open.)

We recommend that you keep the Classroom Media Support phone number on hand should you need their services before or during your class: 617-353-3227.

Classroom Changes

Prior to the start of the semester, faculty are encouraged to visit their assigned room, or to review the attributes online at here. In some cases, classrooms do not meet the needs of specific courses. The following are the only reasons a room change will be accommodated:

  • Insufficient technology in the classroom (such as Internet access, projector, etc.)
  • Inaccessibility for students and instructors with disabilities
  • Insufficient seating for students

If you have any other issues with your classroom, please contact an Administrative Coordinator. Administrative Coordinators in the Office of the Dean will work with you and other offices in the University to solve your problem. At the end of this section, you will find a list of issues and appropriate departments to contact for solutions.

If you do need to change your classroom, please email your request to the Administrative Coordinators and include the following information:

  • Course number
  • Meeting day and time
  • Number of seats required
  • Reason for room change
  • Required classroom attributes

Important Room Change Policies:

  • Classrooms are assigned on the basis of the size of the class and the specific needs of the course
  • Classes are assigned rooms appropriate to enrollment numbers and cannot occupy classrooms that are significantly larger than the number of students in the class
  • There is a maximum of two room changes per course per semester
  • No changes will be allowed after the third week of class
  • The Administrative Coordinators can only request a certain room; there is no guarantee that the room change will be granted
  • Unique needs must be communicated several months in advance in order to best accommodate your class needs
  • Do not move your class or change the meeting time without contacting the MET Dean’s office

Please note that if you have a problem with your room, it may not require a room change. Below are some departments to contact should you require a projector, attention to the heating and cooling system, and so forth:

Issue Department Contact Information
Any Emergency Room Problems Facilities Management & Planning (Emergency) 617-353-2105
Furniture and Seating Space Management
Internet Information Technology
Classroom Media Media Group/Classroom Services
Heating and Cooling Building & Grounds