Payroll Information

Paychecks are issued on the last working day of the month—four times per semester. Payments for other University faculty members teaching at MET on an overload basis are included in their regular paycheck through the base school or college.

Questions regarding paychecks may be directed to the MET Payroll Administrator at 617-353-2974. The New Employee Information Form is available at the MET Finance office, 1010 Commonwealth Avenue, 5th Floor. New employees must also fill out an electronic I-9. BU Human Resources will schedule an appointment to meet with new employees to verify their documents. To reschedule an appointment please call 617-358-5472. After your I9 is verified you will be able to set up you BU account and log into the BUworks Central Portal in order to update your W4 and other payroll information under the Employee Self-Service tab, Benefits and Pay tab.

For your convenience, the University provides the option of direct deposit. Direct deposit is also updated via the BUworks Central Portal. In the event that you have to pick up a check in person, bring a valid photo ID to1010 Commonwealth Avenue, 5th Floor.

**If you are new to BU payroll and you set up direct deposit in the BUworks Central Portal, your first check will still be mailed at the end of the month. Direct deposit, if set up in time, will take effect with the second check for new instructors.