To isolate events or for more calendars, click on the down arrow adjacent to the “agendas” tab and select or deselect the check mark next to the calendars you want to temporarily remove.

Any of the following calendars can be added to your own Google Calendar by selecting the Google Calendar button at the bottom of the page.

What’s in the calendar?

  • Academic: BU semester dates, schedule of holidays, and important dates for all faculty members
  • Administrative: Schedule production deadlines—UIS and Marketing
  • Refund: Metropolitan College & Distance Education refund schedules
  • Finance: PCard deadlines
  • Commencement: Graduation dates and deadlines for administrative coordinators
  • Events: Food & Wine events, tastings, and hands-on learning; MET Colloquia, Town Meetings, Faculty Council, MET-sponsored parties
  • Other Calendars: MET Info Sessions | Evergreen Lecture Series