Alumni Benefits

The benefits of staying in touch

All graduates of Metropolitan College are automatically enrolled as Boston University Alumni members, and eligible for the local discounts and benefits listed below. Some benefits require a BU Alumni Card, which you can download now.

BU’s Alumni Traveling Program—known as the Traveling Terriers—offers a unique way to see the world.

Get special BU Alumni rates on travel insurance for trips you book yourself.

Medical, Life, Auto, and Home Insurance are available to alumni at special rates.

Zipcar offers discounted membership for only $25—a savings of up to $150.

Boston-area hotels provide discounted rates to alumni.

You can stay connected to Boston University with a discounted membership to the world-class Fitness and Recreation Center (FitRec).

Huntington Theatre Company at Boston University offers alumni $5 off a single ticket purchase or a $10 discount on subscriptions.

Bostonia, Metropolitan, and other alumni publications.

Audit eligible MET undergraduate courses on a space-available basis—for just $40 per credit hour, plus the registration fee.

ACE-IT scholarships cover 50 percent of tuition on MET graduate IT courses.

BU Libraries continue to provide borrowing privileges for all circulating materials.

Barnes & Noble @ Boston University gives a 10 percent alumni discount on general trade books and on most merchandise.

There were nearly 28,000 MET alumni as of 2015, across the U.S. and worldwide. MET can help you make this impressive network a true career advantage.

The Career Advisory Network

Choosing a career, changing jobs, or relocating can be challenging—but talking with alumni from Metropolitan College and other BU schools and colleges can help. Alumni volunteers on the Career Advisory Network are available to talk with you informally, share their experiences, and help you clarify your goals.

Featured Benefit

Further your MET education at an exceptional price

MET alumni can audit eligible onsite MET undergraduate courses for just $40 per credit plus the registration fee. And with the ACE-IT Scholarship program, MET graduates with computer science, information systems, or telecommunications degrees can save 50 percent on the latest IT graduate courses.

For a complete list of benefits, visit the BU Alumni website. For more information, contact 800-800-3466, 617-353-5261, or