Roger Deveau Part-Time Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

Each year at graduation, Metropolitan College honors selected members of our faculty with the Roger Deveau Memorial Part-Time Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. It is awarded to the faculty member who best exemplifies the qualities of excellence that MET seeks to embody: a thorough mastery of the subject, a distinguished professional record, and the ability to convey not only knowledge and experience, but the enthusiasm and zest for learning that creates a legacy each student can draw upon throughout his or her career. Individuals are nominated by their program chairs/directors and selected by MET’s dean and executive committee.

Jack Polnar 2018 Computer Science
Alla Barskaya 2017 Administrative Sciences
Warren K. Mansur
2016 Computer Science
Howard E. Williams 2015 Administrative Sciences
William B. Evans 2014 Criminal Justice
Scott Arena 2014 Computer Science
Martin L. Saradjian 2013 Administrative Sciences
Michael Hadavi 2012 Computer Science
Donald Zizzi 2011 City Planning & Urban Affairs
Mark Carroll 2010 Administrative Sciences
Hal Tepfer 2009 Actuarial Science
John Day 2008 Computer Science
Janet Bailey 2007 Arts Administration
Mark Miliotis 2006 Criminal Justice
Jacques P├ępin 2005 Gastronomy
Shinichi Watanabe 2004 BU Brussels – Management
Richard Kattar 2003 Administrative Sciences
Dorothy Andrews 2002 Actuarial Science
Joseph Spada 2001 Paralegal Studies
Kuang-Jung Huang 2000 Computer Science
Francis J. Carney, Jr. 1999 Criminal Justice
Anatoly Temkin 1998 Computer Science
James F. Cormier 1997 Administrative Sciences
Mehdi Abedinejad 1996 Computer Science
Michael Musi 1995 Administrative Sciences
Richard Hynes 1994 History
Donald York 1993 Administrative Sciences
Thomas J. Villano 1992 English
Charles R. Morgan 1991 Computer Science
Gerald Bernstein 1990 Art History
Wayne C. Johnson 1989 Professional Studies
Robert L. Montminy 1989 Computer Science
Robert T. Smart 1988 Sociology
Caroline Dorr 1987 Sociology
Bernard Garber 1986 Hotel and Food
William Robinson 1986 Computer Science
Thomas Sinopoli 1985 Marketing
Edward Brookner 1984 English
Patricia Wagenknecht 1984 English
Walter Moosa 1983 Finance
Neil Stone 1982 Mathematics