Yuting Zhang

Yuting ZhangAssistant Professor of Computer Science

PhD, Boston University
MS, BS, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Dr. Zhang’s research mainly focuses on the resource management in soft real-time systems, virtual machine systems, and Internet end-systems, though her interest spreads to all areas of computer systems and networks. Conducted through both theoretic analysis and empirical evaluation, her research has resulted in publication in more than a dozen conference proceedings and journals. Zhang served as an assistant professor at Merrimack College, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Allegheny College, and University of Science and Technology Beijing. She has taught a variety of courses, including information technology, Java/C++/C programming, operating systems, computer networks, analysis of algorithms, software engineering, programming languages, and a research seminar.

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Selected Publications

Zhang, Y. “Prediction-based Interrupt Scheduling.” Proc. of the 30th IEEE Real-Time
Systems Symposium. WIP session (Washington, D.C., Dec 2009): 81–84.

Guirguis, M., Bestavros, A., Matta, I., and Zhang, Y. “Reduction of Quality (RoQ) Attacks on
Dynamic Load Balancers: Vulnerability Assessment and Design Tradeoffs.” Proc. of the 26th IEEE INFOCOM. (Anchorage, Alaska, May 2007): 857–865.

Guirguis, M. Bestavros, A., Matta, I., and Zhang, Y. “Adversarial Exploits of End-Systems
Adaptation Dynamics.” Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 67 (3), March 2007: 318–335.

West, R., and Zhang, Y. “Comments on Window-Constrained Scheduling.” IEEE Transactions on Computers 56 (5), May 2007: 718–719.

Selected Presentations

“Multilevel Android Protection Exploit.” BU Science & Engineering Research Symposium, Boston, Mass., March 2012. Co-presented with Feleke, N., Nimley, K., and Rohrer, F.

“Is Virtual for Real?” Research in Computer Science Seminar, Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa., February 2007.

“Friendly Virtual Machines: Leveraging a Feedback-Control Model for Application Adaptation.” VMware Inc., Boston, Mass., June 2006.

“A Virtual Deadline Scheduler for Window-Constrained Service Guarantees.” 25th IEEE International Real-Time Systems Symposium, Lisbon, Portugal, December 2004.

“End-to-End Window-Constrained Scheduling for Real-Time Communication.” 10th International Conference on Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems and Applications, Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2004.


“Android Multilevel Protection Exploit.” Boston University Center for Reliable Information Systems & Cyber Security (RISCS), $7,000.