Irena Vodenska

Irena Vodenska Metropolitan College Faculty MemberAssociate Professor, Administrative Sciences; Director, Finance

PhD, Boston University
MBA, Vanderbilt University
MS, BS, University of Belgrade


Dr. Vodenska is an expert in international finance and investments, with more than fifteen years of hands-on experience in financial analysis and securities trading on Wall Street and in European markets. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst with experience in creating and actively managing hedge funds, specializing in risk arbitrage and convertible fixed-income securities. Vodenska has broad experience in academic teaching and corporate training, and her research focuses on network theory and complexity science applications in economics. She conducts theoretical and applied interdisciplinary research using quantitative approaches for modeling interdependences of financial networks, banking system dynamics, and global financial crises. Vodenska also studies extreme events such as financial market bubbles and crashes, and the domino effects that such events can exert on related global economic systems. More specifically, Vodenska’s research focuses on modeling of systemic risk propagation and spreading of global financial crises throughout interconnected financial and economic networks. As a principal investigator (PI) for Boston University, she has won interdisciplinary research grants awarded by the European Commission (EU) and the National Science Foundation (U.S.).

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