Leadership Graduate Courses

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MET LD 621 Web and Information Technologies for Leaders

This course examines the role of information technology for providing effective leadership in a networked word. It provides an overview of the key technical concepts of information systems, networks, and databases, relates them to organizational structure and function, and demonstrates how they can be used and leveraged for successful leadership. The course also provides knowledge of and skills in using web technologies, traditional and Web2 tools, for presentation and distribution of information, building efficient communications and collaborations between individuals, working groups, as well as for disseminating knowledge to large population groups.  [ 4 cr. ]

MET LD 630 Leadership: Historic and Social Perspectives
Sprg ‘15

This course will examine the underlying values of organizations and guides students through the evolutionary development of successful leadership models. Students will be exposed to multiple profiles and strategies of renowned leaders with a diverse set of challenges reflecting innovative and evolving methodologies. 4 cr.  [ 4 cr. ]

Section Type Instructor Location Days Times
BCP IND Cleary U 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
BHA IND Bellefeuille U 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
MET LD 705 Leadership in a Dynamic Environment
Sprg ‘15

This course will analyze the values, behaviors, and processes that lead people and organizations to become effective leaders in their chosen field and as a consequence to build sustainable and lasting competitive advantages. 4 cr.  [ 4 cr. ]

Section Type Instructor Location Days Times
BHH IND Applewhite U 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
MET LD 740 Group and Organizational Dynamics

The concept of a team is the unit of an organization where leaders develop influencing skills. The team is defined as a group of individuals that one directly works with or within. The practice of leading teams involves the practice of organizing diverse personalities, cultures, and with varying skill sets. The students will be exposed to principles of team characteristics, process, team faces, and the actual product of the team. There will be a pragmatic approach of structured lectures, case evaluation, group evaluation, and individual evaluation for growth.   [ 4 cr. ]