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Chef “Egg-splains” Lessons Learned from Julia Child at BU

May 6th, 2016 in Food & Wine, Gastronomy, MET News


Iconic chef, author, and television personality Julia Child, who co-founded the Metropolitan College programs in both Culinary Arts and Gastronomy, inspired countless epicures to try their hand at French-style cooking. In the Boston Globe, famed Boston chef and restaurateur Gordon Hamersley (CGS’71, SED’74) recalls being recruited by Child (Hon.’76) to teach a class of BU students the proper technique in preparing the perfect French omelet, making note of her signature, high-energy mentorship techniques.

Read Hamersley’s recollection of Child, and his lesson on that perfect omelet, in the Boston Globe.

Culinary Arts Alum, Instructor Dishes on the Science behind the Perfect Mac & Cheese

February 16th, 2016 in Food & Wine, Gastronomy, MET News

Culinary Arts Alum, Instructor Dishes on the Science behind the Perfect Mac & Cheese

The secret behind your favorite macaroni and cheese dish lies not only in its craft—but its chemistry.

Culinary scientist Valerie Ryan, who teaches the science of food and cooking as part of the MET’s Gastronomy program, believes that the most essential tool in preparing a perfect pairing of pasta and dairy is an understanding of the components’ chemical makeup. In a recent Boston Globe article, Ryan, who earned her master’s in Gastronomy at MET and is also certified in the Culinary Arts, explains the way structural science informs taste and technique.

For more on the science behind the comfort food, read Ryan’s piece in the Globe.

Gourmet Meals Made Easy by Gastronomy Chef

January 22nd, 2016 in Gastronomy, MET News


Not everyone is equipped with the skills or vision of a master chef, but thanks to one lecturer in the MET Gastronomy program, anyone can prepare a meal like one.

Amanda Mayo (MET’08, GRS’17) is the creative force behind Pantry—a new Brookline market where customers can shop for meals whose ingredients have already been assembled and portioned, simplifying and streamlining their cooking process and presenting an affordable alternative to restaurant dining. Speaking with BU Today, the Gastronomy program instructor calls her venture “the recipe kit store,” which she says produces “zero food waste.”

Read more at BU Today.

Jacques Pépin Compared Favorably to Statue of Liberty

January 8th, 2016 in Gastronomy, MET News


On the occasion of chef Jacques Pépin’s 80th birthday, recently celebrated by the University as part of MET’s 50th anniversary, the Huffington Post offered a comprehensive retrospective on the career of the man who co-founded the College’s Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy and Certificate in Culinary Arts programs.

A forerunner to the modern world of televised cooking instruction, Pépin views the kitchen as a place not for competition, but for appreciation—and it is that spirit which earned the chef a spot as one of America’s most cherished French imports.

Read the Huffington Post’s appreciation of Jacques Pépin, who they call “the single greatest cooking instructor in the history of food television,” for more on his life, lessons, words, and works.

Learn to Cook Christmas Quail from Food & Wine Alums

December 23rd, 2015 in Food & Wine, Gastronomy, MET News


The holiday season can be cumbersome enough without making a four-hour commitment to cook a Christmas goose. MET Culinary Arts alums Jakob and Fernanda White, the chefs who co-own the Comedor restaurant in Newton, have an alternative avian solution, and in a new video hosted by BU Today, the pair gives instruction on how to prepare a more manageable, modestly portioned bird—the quail.

Check out the instructional cooking video and download the recipe at BU Today.

French Chef’s Belief in Uniting Power of Food Rings Truer Following Tragedy

December 9th, 2015 in Food & Wine, Gastronomy, MET News


The recent tragedy in Paris gave an even greater poignancy to the words delivered last month by legendary French chef Jacques Pépin during the celebration of MET’s 50th anniversary and Pépin’s 80th birthday, according to the MetroWest Daily News. Food “knows no political boundaries,” the Gastronomy and Food & Wine programs co-founder Pépin observed ahead of the terror attacks that brought solemn unity across the world. “Relationships, that’s what food is all about,” he said.

Read more about Pépin’s address during the MET 50th anniversary event at the MetroWest Daily News.

MET Culinary Couple’s Labor Bears Fruit with Comedor

December 7th, 2015 in Food & Wine, Gastronomy, MET News


Expert pairings are nothing new around the MET’s Food & Wine program, but the success of one local enterprise takes the practice to another level.

Newton’s Comedor is an acclaimed Chilean-American tapas-style restaurant run by 2009 Culinary Arts Certificate alums Jakob and Fernanda White, partners in business and marriage. Veterans of the local restaurant scene, the two opened their Union Street eatery last October, but Fernanda traces the culinary couple’s good fortune to the start they got during their time at Metropolitan College. “After that I went to work at restaurants and never looked back,” she says.
Read more about Comedor and the Whites at BU Today

Chef Jacques Pépin Delivers “Sharp” Commentary at MET50 Gala

November 17th, 2015 in BU Today Features, Featured News Post, Food & Wine, Gastronomy, MET News


“The greatest knife of all is the sharp one.”

So spoke celebrated chef Jacques Pépin at the Metropolitan College’s 50th anniversary gala, celebrating the occasion of the TV host and MET educator’s 80th birthday. Pépin discussed a variety of topics at the four-star food and beverage affair, dishing on his preferences in cutlery and lamenting what pop culture too often under-appreciates about the culinary arts.

Read more from the MET gala’s toast to Pépin, including the chef’s secret recipe to 50 happy years of marriage, at BU Today.

MET Gastronomy Alum Joins Online Food Magazine The Kitchn

November 17th, 2015 in Gastronomy, MET News


Where does a Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy degree from Boston University’s Metropolitan College take you? Well, for one alum, right to The Kitchn.

Hali Bey Ramdene (MET’12) has been named new full-time food editor at The Kitchn, a daily web magazine and online community that caters to those most passionate about kitchen intelligence and food preparation in the home. Previously an associate food editor at Better Homes and Gardens, Ramdene recently explained how her master’s degree in Gastronomy from MET gave shape to her rising culinary career.

Gastronomy is often described as the study of food and culture, “But that removes all the nuance from the discipline,” Ramdene says, preferring a broader view of the field. “It’s using food as the lens for understanding everything from the humanities to science. That interdisciplinary approach to food is crucial because it acknowledges that food exists in our lives as multiple things at once: It’s a basic human need and right, but also a vehicle for expression, politics, identity, and pleasure.”

Citing her passionate, professional desires, Ramdene dished on the value of her MET education.

“I want to be right at the intersection of these things, where food is neither precious nor trivial, and studying gastronomy really bolstered my ability to find that place.”

Read more, including Ms. Ramdene’s favorite quick-turnaround meal, at The Kitchn.

Globe Recognizes Award-Winning Chef Jacques Pépin Ahead of MET 50 Gala

October 30th, 2015 in Featured News Post, Food & Wine, Gastronomy, MET News


Three decades ago, acclaimed chef, author, and television personality Jacques Pépin was joined by Julia Child in founding the Boston University Metropolitan College’s master’s program in gastronomy and certificate program in the culinary arts, giving generations’ of prospective hospitality professionals a proven path to career success.

The time has come to return the favor.

This Monday, Nov. 2, on the occasion of both Chef Pépin’s 80th birthday and the Metropolitan College’s 50th anniversary, BU will host A Toast to Innovation, an evening dedicated to celebrating Pépin and the joys of spirits and cuisine. With meals and drinks presented by the finest in the field, amateur foodies and hospitality pros alike will not want to miss this opportunity to spend a night with the food and beverage industry’s crème de la crème .

Read more about Monday’s celebration of Jacques Pépin’s birthday and MET’s 50th anniversary in the Boston Globe.