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Analytics Scholar’s Findings Land in Top-Rated A.I. Journal

January 22nd, 2016 in Administrative Sciences, Canan Gunes Corlu, Data Analytics, MET News


Dr. Canan Gunes Corlu, a MET assistant professor in the Department of Administrative Sciences and faculty coordinator to the Applied Business Analytics programs, authored a paper that has been accepted for publication in a highly prestigious scientific journal.

Dr. Corlu’s paper, “Empirical Distributions of Daily Equity Index Returns: A Comparison,” will see publication in the pages of Expert Systems with Applications, which is rated as the top journal in the field of Artificial Intelligence by Google Scholar.

Former MET Dean Blazes Trail Teaching American Culture to International Students

January 11th, 2016 in Jay Halfond, MET News


Professor of the Practice Jay Halfond believes that most American universities fail to offer their international students as rounded an education as their domestic peers receive, and that the key to remedying this disparity is in offering those who come to the United States for their education a more nuanced perspective on American culture—controversies, conflicts, inconsistencies, and all.

In a recent Huffington Post article, the former Metropolitan College dean, now an instructor in the Administrative Sciences program, makes his case for educating international students in the field of American culture and institutions so that they can better understand the context that their U.S.-born peers might take for granted.

For more on Professor Halfond’s innovative approach, including the way he used Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s “Deflategate” ordeal to explain the origins of the culture’s common “-gate” suffix, read his piece at the Huffington Post.

MET’s Urban Design Expert Weighs in on Climate Change Panel

January 8th, 2016 in City Planning & Urban Affairs, Madhu Dutta-Koehler, MET News


While climate change presents challenges to all walks of life, it uniquely affects those areas that are most densely populated, which is why organizers of a BU Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Forum invited MET City Planning and Urban Affairs program coordinator and professor Madhu Dutta-Koehler to share her views on the power of urban design in adapting to, and combating against, rising global warming issues.

Watch Dr. Dutta-Koehler’s lecture, along with the rest of the panel, at BUniverse.

Faculty Paper Accepted for Publication

January 7th, 2016 in Administrative Sciences, Canan Gunes Corlu, Conferences, MET News


“Subset Selection for Simulations Accounting for Input Uncertainty,” a paper by Assistant Professor of Administrative Sciences Canan Gunes Corlu (who also serves as faculty coordinator for MET’s applied business analytics programs), was accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 2015 Winter Simulation Conference. During the conference, which took place in Huntington Beach, Calif., Professor Corlu chaired the session on Accounting for Input Uncertainty in Stochastic Simulations.

MET Instructor and Top Cop Bill Evans among Bostonians of the Year

December 23rd, 2015 in Criminal Justice, MET News, William B. Evans


Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, who teaches as part of MET’s Criminal Justice program, was recognized with an honorable mention in the Boston Globe’s latest round of Bostonians of the Year for his standout work overseeing one of the nation’s most stable police departments.

The commissioner is no stranger to awards, having previously won MET’s Roger Deveau Part-Time Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, and earned the accolades because, according to the Globe, “With Evans at the helm, Boston has mostly avoided the poisoned atmosphere where police shootings and brutality have opened festering divides, especially in minority neighborhoods.”

For more on Commissioner Evans, including the way his upbringing shaped his views on law enforcement, visit the Boston Globe.

MET Criminal Justice Expert Weighs in on Local Police Allegations

November 24th, 2015 in Criminal Justice, MET News, Shea Cronin


Dracut police face scrutiny that they are enforcing an unconstitutional traffic policy, and a recent investigation into the allegations sought the expertise of MET Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Shea Cronin, who suggests that such unofficial policies may be common: “There’s often some form of de facto quota system in many police department agencies.”

Learn more at the Lowell Sun.

MET Criminal Justice Professor Provides Policing Insight for WGBH

November 23rd, 2015 in Criminal Justice, Featured News Post, MET News, Shea Cronin


The dynamic between communities and those tasked with policing them has never been under greater scrutiny. In a recent examination of Cambridge police, and the way they have evolved their practices since a high-profile 2009 incident that resulted in the arrest of a highly-regarded Harvard professor, WGBH consulted Dr. Shea Cronin, Metropolitan College assistant professor of criminal justice, for his expertise on the dynamic between law enforcement and those they are sworn to serve and protect.

Read more about Cambridge’s community-minded policing, including
Dr. Cronin’s insights, at WGBH.

Cybercrime Expert Lays Out Best Defenses and Investigative Practices In New Book

November 9th, 2015 in Criminal Justice, Faculty News, MET News


Adjunct Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Kyung-shick Choi, who coordinates Boston University’s Master of Criminal Justice concentration and Graduate Certificate in Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity, recently released Cybercriminology and Digital Investigation (LFB Scholarly Publishing, October 2015). In the book, Choi updates conventional criminological theories with an interdisciplinary model designed to combat emerging cybercrime threats to individuals, institutions, and matters of national and international security. Earlier this year, MET’s online master’s program in Criminal Justice was ranked #2 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

Learn more about Cybercriminology and Digital Investigation.

Allston Railyard Development Discussion Trains Attention on Urban Future, Opportunity

November 9th, 2015 in Administrative Sciences, Featured News Post, Ginny Greiman, MET News


BU’s Initiative on Cities held a recent seminar in which Metropolitan College Assistant Professor of Administrative Sciences Virginia Greiman and College of Arts & Sciences Professor of the History of Art & Architecture Daniel Bluestone were joined by representatives from the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the Harvard Graduate School of Design for a forum discussion regarding the unique urban opportunities presented by the Allston railyard near BU’s campus. The sprawling conversation explored the precedent and possibilities of a large-scale project to repurpose the post-industrial space.

Learn more about the event.

Discovering and Documenting the “Archaeology of Food”

September 2nd, 2015 in Gastronomy, Mary Beaudry, MET News

Archeology of Food
The newly published Archaeology of Food: An Encyclopedia includes more than 250 entries, which, as the publisher explains, “add depth to our understanding of food.” This impressive two-volume work was edited by Karen Metheny, a visiting researcher in archaeology and lecturer in MET’s gastronomy program, and Dr. Mary Beaudry, BU College of Arts & Sciences professor of archaeology, anthropology, and gastronomy.

Take a quick look inside at